View a job applicant’s right to work

  • If you are thinking of trying to hire a foreigner (non-UK, non-EAA, or non-Swiss) to work for you in the UK, it is essential that you find out if they are legally allowed to work for you in the country.
  • If you fail to perform the requisite due diligence on this matter and end up mistakenly employing someone who is not allowed to work for you, you could face serious consequences, including fines and even imprisonment. It is therefore critical that you either check your potential worker’s original documents or view their right to work details online.
  • You can access this portal to confirm whether or not someone can legally work for you without violating the terms of their visa, as well as:
    • Find out what kind of work someone is authorized to do.
    • Determine the amount of time someone can be employed in the country (assuming their time in the UK is limited).
  • In order to view the details of View a job applicant’s right to work, you must have the following information:
    • a job applicant’s date of birth.
    • The right to work share code.

There are other ways to ensure your compliance with UK immigration laws without accessing a potential worker’s right to work details via a share code. For information about checking someone’s original documents and for the Right to Work Checklist in UK, click here. For information on UK Immigration, including general immigration advice and guidance on how to obtain a sponsor license, click here.

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