Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, countries around the world continue to impose restrictions on passengers arriving from abroad. The United Kingdom is one of many European states to require that UK-bound passengers complete a COVID passenger locator form (PLF) before they arrive in the UK. Mindful of this lingering requirement, today’s blog looks to teach Britain- is your home address in the UK Passenger Locator form for outbound travelers. 

is your home address in the uk passenger locator form

  1. Access the form 
    • The Public health passenger locator form is accessible online. You should fill out the form before you leave for the UK (before you board your flight). When you are ready to fill out the form, contact us here
  2. Arrange for your COVID-19 tests 
    • Before you arrive in the UK, you will likely need to reserve a post-arrival COVID tests, whose results you will need to formally declare to the responsible health authorities. 
    • When you reserve this COVID test in the UK, you will receive a test package booking reference number, which you will record on your form. 
    • For help arranging your test to release, contact us here
  3. Fill out the form 
    • Most of the form is self-explanatory. The questions are broken up into the following categories: 
      • Personal information 
        • Name
        • Passport information 
      • Travel info
        • Contact information in the UK, including email, phone number, and home address (i.e. where you will be for the 10 days post arrival) 
        • Where you are arriving from and your UK access point
        • Flight number, airline, and seat number 
        • Countries you have spent time in prior to arriving in the UK (within the past 10 days) 
        • Answer to whether you intend to visit islands in the UK 
        • Whether you must book a COVID test post UK arrival (answer yes or no)
        • Test package reference number (if yes to the above question) 
        • Date you arrive in the UK and date you will leave
      • Information regarding your vaccination status when entering the UK
        • Whether you fulfill the requirements to avoid intensive isolation/testing (answer yes/no) 
        • Whether you are completely vaccinated (yes/no) 
        • Country in which you were vaccinated 
      • Travel companions 
        • (Answer yes if you are arriving in the UK with a child) 
    • After you have filled out the form, you will sign it. Signing the PLF means that you swear that the information you provided was true, that you promise to show evidence of your vaccination status (if relevant). Signing the declaration means that you acknowledge that you will be criminally liable in the event that you lied about its contents.
  4. Submit the form 
    • Once you submit the form, you will receive a pdf version of it, which you will need to present upon boarding your flight into the UK. 

Please note that the above information applies to the UK generally. Be sure to check the specific UK quarantine rules in place for the specific UK country you are entering (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) prior to traveling.

Overview of form

  • The PLF—UK passenger locator form—is a kind pre-travel document, which allows the government to keep track of recent arrivals to the UK. Theoretically, anyone who fills out the public health passenger locator form can be immediately located by the government, which occasionally checks to make sure that individuals who recently arrived in the UK are abiding by the restrictions they are bound to. 
  • For example (and in theory) a person who fills out the passenger locator form who ultimately tests positive for COVID-19 post arrival can be immediately located by the relevant UK authorities, who may wish to determine that said passenger is abiding by the UK quarantine rules for COVID-19 infected individuals (such as not flaunting the rules pertaining to the test to release scheme).  
  • In addition to allowing the government to keep track of the virus (and manage/trace its spread) the form allows the government to hold individuals accountable for the information they provide regarding their vaccination status. Because everyone who signs the form attests to the veracity of the information they are providing, the government reserves the right to monetarily fine people who are found to have lied on their form. 
  • At the moment, every inbound passenger to the UK is required to fill out this UK travel form, which acts as a record of information relating to their health (in the context of COVID-19) and post arrival location. In addition to one’s basic biographical information and arriving flight details, the form displays the following information: 
    • Date of UK arrival 
    • Recent travel history 
    • Specific contact information for traveler in the UK (address, phone number, etc.) 
    • COVID-booking reference number (if applicable) 
    • Vaccination status when entering the UK
  • For the most part, passengers who are transiting through Britain are still required to fill out the UK passenger locator form, even if they don’t ultimately end up leaving the airport.
    • Please note that the COVID passenger locator form is not required for travelers who are entering one UK country from another. For example, if you are flying from England to  Scotland, you will not have to fill out the UK travel form.  

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