A UK Business visa available exclusively for Turkish nationals who sought to immigrate to the Britain for the purpose of starting or being employed at a business there, the Turkish Businessperson visa was traditionally a popular pathway to UK visas and immigration for would-be Turkish workers. However, Britain is no longer accepting new applicants for the Turkish Businessperson visa. Luckily, if you are already in the country as a valid holder of a Turkish Businessperson visa, you can continue to apply to extend your Turkish Businessperson visa in order to spend more time in the UK. Today’s blog will therefore cover the Turkish Businessperson visa extension process. Keep reading if you are interested in learning about how to extend your Turkish Businessperson visa, how many times you can extend a Turkish Businessperson visa, and how to apply to extend your visa. Finally, this blog will address what to do in the event that your Turkish Businessperson UK visa expires. 

Turkish Businessperson Visa

  • For years, the Turkish Businessperson visa allowed eligible Turkish nationals to pursue UK immigration for the purpose of working in the country. 
  • However, because the UK has closed the Turkish Businessperson visa category, the visa is no longer a valid option for UK immigration for Turkish nationals.
  • If you are currently in the country on a valid Turkish Businessperson visa, you may be wondering if your visa-validity period will be shortened as a result of the visa program being discontinued. Happily, however, the new policy only affects new applicants for the Turkish Businessperson visa. If you are currently in the UK on a Turkish Businessperson visa, your visa is considered valid by the UK government, which will respect its original duration and terms and conditions.
  • In addition, while new applicants can no longer apply for the Turkish Businessperson visa, current visa-holders retain the option of extending their visa. This means that if you are currently in the UK on a valid Turkish Businessperson visa that is about to expire, you can apply to extend your visa to stay longer in the country. 
  • Successful applicants for Turkish Businessperson visa extensions can stay an additional three years in Britain.  
  • In order to be eligible to extend an extant Turkish Businessperson visa, the following must apply:
    • The business/company you started must remain operational. 
    • You remain able to afford all of its operational costs. 
    • The money it generates is sufficient to cover all of the financial living costs associated with your ongoing UK residency and that of your dependents (i.e. you do not need to seek employment outside of your original business). 

How to extend

  • You can apply to extend your visa by contacting us through this link.
  • You cannot apply for an extension while abroad. This means that you must submit your extension application from within the country. 
  • Please note, it is important to apply to extend your visa before your visa validity period ends. If your UK visa expires before you have had a chance to renew it, and you are still in the country, you will technically be in the country illegally, and could be subject to strict penalties, including deportation. Therefore, make sure you lodge your application to extend your UK Turkish Businessperson visa well before it expires. 
  • The processing time for UK Turkish Businessperson visa-extension applications is usually under six months. Receiving a decision could take longer in the event that you are asked to show up for an interview and/or provide additional documents. 

Cost of extending

  • The cost of applying to extend your Turkish Businessperson visa is free. 
  • However, in the event that you are asked to supply biometric information (photos and fingerprints), you will be liable for any associated collection costs, which are usually £19.20. 
  • Additionally, applicants who seek to expediate their visa-processing time can usually do so by paying a minimum fee of £500. 

How many times can you extend your Turkish Businessperson Visa?

  • At the moment, there is no limit to the number of times you can apply to extend your Turkish Businessperson visa. Because the Turkish Businessperson visa can be extended for a maximum of three years, one could theoretically remain in the UK on this visa indefinitely, on the condition that they apply for needed extensions prior to the expiration of their current visa, and they continue to fulfill all terms and conditions related to its eligibility. 
  • In addition, UK visas and immigration policy allows UK Turkish Businessperson holders who have remained in the country on their visa for a minimum of five years to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), aka permanent settlement. 
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