Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs have proven very popular among high earners looking for a foothold abroad. The Grenada CBI stands out because it offers investors access to the US within a little as six months. Thanks to the 1983 Treaty of Trade and Commerce between Grenada and the US, Grenadian citizens are eligible for E-2 visas which allow them to migrate and invest in America.

Global political and financial uncertainties have led investors to sure up their futures by applying for citizenship in economically attractive countries. The US is still very popular with business opportunities and a quality education system attracting thousands of people each year. But direct access to the US is expensive. A Green Card investment can set you back as much as half a million dollars.

A viable and more cost-effective investment route is the Grenada CBI where investment thresholds are lower while still affording the possibility of migrating to the US within six months.

The process starts with applying to Grenada Citizenship by investment. Once granted, investors can apply for a US E-2 visa at the American Consulate. Within six weeks, the new Grenadian citizens obtain the E-2 and can migrate to the US.

The E-2 is not a free pass. Here too, investment is necessary. At present, E-2 visa holders need to own at least 50 per cent of a profitable US enterprise. Moreover, they need to be familiar with their obligations as entrepreneurs in the US. After five years, the E-2 expires and will only be renewed if the business is still making a profit. The children of E-2 visa holders get the same access as long as they are under the age of 21, while the spouses obtain the right to work anywhere in America. Although no official amount is set out, US attorneys report that in most cases a $100’000 investment is required.

For many migrant investors, the route to the US via Grenada CBI has proven the fastest and easiest way to a life in the US.

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